Sustainable tourism meets the needs of local communities, economies, and environment.


is a certification program for tour operators world-wide. This program provides a set of standards to promote sustainable and responsible tourism.

As a Travelife Partner, Conyat Create is working to build responsible tourism in Myanmar.

We provide training and support to provide tour operators in Myanmar with the knowledge and capacity to promote sustainable tourism through the Travelife certification program.

As a Travelife Partner, Conyat Create can provide information on how to become a certified responsible tour company.

The benefits of Travelife Certification include:

  • Generating economic benefits and improve working conditions for local communities
  • Contributing to conservation of natural and cultural heritage
  • Creating meaningful experiences for travelers
  • Building your reputation as a leader in responsible business
  • Creating long term relationships with your customers, clients, and local stakeholders

Tourism is one of the major industries in Myanmar, connecting local communities to global travelers.

Tour operators who choose to receive Travelife certification can become leaders in the industry through building a reputation as a socially and environmentally responsible business.