An advocacy platform aimed at increasing awareness and encouraging a shared responsibility towards adapting to climate change.

Climate Talks was born out of the desire of sharing information related to climate change occurring in Myanmar. The intention of the series it to improve awareness of climate related knowledge and inspire a climate movement. Creating an experience and platform to connect and share information leads to stronger communities.

Our monthly series shapes the conversation on climate change through participatory approaches that inform, inspire, and motivate individuals or organizations to make changes to their lifestyle or how their business is conducted. Information is power but creativity is key.

Climate Talks is an initiative of Howe Sustainability and Conyat Create.

Our goal is to inspire young people of Myanmar to create and contribute to content on climate change, encouraging positive change through personal and social development.

Lead Person:

Climate Change Videos

Impacts of Climate Change in Myanmar

6 Facts About Climate Change

Sessions on Climate Talks

Upcoming Talks

Hydropower and Climate Change

August 26th

Disaster Risk and Resilience


Sustainable Cities and Climate Change


Join the Movement

Our goal is to bring volunteers together to work on climate-related issues as well as help organize monthly Climate Talks happening in Yangon, bringing experts together to present on various topics linked to climate change.

Our mission is to empower communities to transition to a low carbon economy through creativity and knowledge and we believe active participate of the youth will develop knowledge sharing and a collaborative society.

What we provide   

– 5 to 10 hours/week volunteering at Conyat Create for a period of 3 months.
– Certificate for volunteers at the end of the volunteering campaign
– Providing space and Wifi in our offices
– Reference letter upon request
– Gaining connections with various organizations in private and non-governmental sector

What we expect

We are looking for different profiles, to work within groups in the following categories:

– Community outreach volunteer
– Multimedia volunteer
– Communications volunteer
– Event Planning volunteer

If you are interested to become a volunteer please contact: Ms Ywun Thiri Htwe –


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