Seher Cam

Seher Cam

Sustainability Strategist


Seher started her professional career with Conyat Create as a Sustainability Strategist in September 2019.

Throughout and in between her studies, Seher seized multiple opportunities to gain experience in developing countries and emerging markets. She worked the fields of human rights education, environmental activism, entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and risk advisory for the non-profit sector.

During her Master studies, Seher specialized in social entrepreneurship and the role of entrepreneurs in ungoverned areas in Mexico. Through extensive field experience in her study area, Seher strongly believes that individuals, small organizations and civil society have the power to initiate positive social and environmental changes not only in their immediate communities but on a country, regional and global level.


Since 2013, Seher worked and studied in several countries in Northern Europe, South Asia, South East Asia, the MENA region and Latin America. Seher lives in Yangon, Myanmar since early 2019.

2018, Masters of Science, Business, Languages and Culture: Business and Development Studies, Copenhagen Business School

2015, Bachelors of Science, Global Business Management, Augsburg University