Operating a business in a country as complex and traditional as Myanmar can be quite challenging. However, there are key opportunities that businesses here ought to be considering when it comes to having a positive environmental and social impact in the community.

Recognising the gap that exists for companies to access the tools and knowledge necessary to help develop, track and relay these messages of impact, Conyat  Create has developed the Connect to Create Partnership Program.  

No matter if you are a social enterprise, corporation or NGO, chances are that you’re looking to further develop your organization’s  sustainability journey in one way or another. Whether you already have a sustainability strategy in place and are hoping to further your impact and establish connections with others or are just beginning and need access to tools and resources to help you implement, track and share your social and environmental impact, the C2C Partnership Program  exists to establish a hub for like-minded people working in Myanmar’s unique context to connect and create.

Why Connect to Create?

  • Benefit from 2 full days of consulting tailored to your needs.
  • Receive access to Conyat Create’s sustainability toolkit.
  • Receive two training passes to Conyat Create’s upcoming training and workshop.
  • Benefit from mentorship provided by an assigned client-relations officer.
  • Receive briefings on trending sustainability insights and trends.
  • Receive discounts on Conyat Create’s consultancy services and training courses.
  • Brand exposure in relevant social campaigns.

Upcoming Events

Join our network.
To find out more about becoming part of Connect to Create, or sign up, please get in touch at  

Conyat Create Partnership Program