Providing a down-to-earth perspective to culturally relevant and challenging topics such as climate change and women empowerment.

Empowering women through the ‘thuma the’ photography campaign

Empowering women through the ‘thuma the’ photography campaign

From teaching to providing healthcare in rural communities to working in over-crowded garment factories, women in Myanmar play a crucial role in managing and interacting with their community’s natural resources. They therefore have great potential impact on environmental sustainability. 

Plastics are forever – engaging the local community on the global conversation around plastic pollution

A social media campaign since the beginning of May to highlight the reasons WHY plastic pollution is bad for the environment as well as provide 'safety nets' (guideline, 5 'R's') for people to take tangible steps toward changing their behaviour when it comes to single-plastic use. By collaborating with local...



Stakeholder Engagement & Grievance Redress Mechanisms


Stakeholder Engagement & Grievance Mechanism Training

City Love Hope

World Environment Day ‘Break Up With Plastic’ Campaign Partners

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Break Up With Plastic Poster Design