Giving workers and communities a voice has a valuable impact on your project.

A Grievance Mechanism

is a safe platform for workers and project affected communities to communicate their concerns and building trust with companies.

In Myanmar, Conyat Create has the expertise and skill to capture direct perceptions and opinions of key stakeholder groups allowing us to manage feedback and concerns to improve worker well being as well as community satisfaction in a measurable way.

Grievances Mechanism services include:

  • Design of context-specific grievance mechanisms based on intense fieldwork and communication with key stakeholders
  • Creation of effective implementation strategies
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and analysis of stakeholder feedback
  • Application of Free and Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) principles

Implementing Grievance Mechanisms allows companies to evaluate the performance of environmental and social management systems.

An effective Grievance Mechanism can help reduce operational risks by identifying and addressing issues before they are elevated.