We believe providing a safe platform for workers and project affected communities to access and lodge complaints and concerns are important in building trust. Giving workers and communities a voice and the opportunity to express remedies leads to a strengthened partnership.

Conyat Create is at the forefront of engagement solutions that leverage technology, training, stakeholder voice, and dialogue to drive impact and improve business performance.

In Myanmar, we have the expertise and skill to capture direct perceptions and opinions of key stakeholder groups allowing us to manage feedback and concerns to improve worker well being as well as community satisfaction in a measureable way. This creates an impact that can enhance communities, improve worker retention, and identify community projects that reflect the needs of the community.

Conyat’s experience with designing and implementing grievance mechanisms has led to the development of successful partnerships fostered between Myanmar’s largest and most respectable companies operating in Oil and Gas and Agriculture and their project affected communities.

Implementing grievance mechanisms have enabled them to:

  • Evaluate the performance of their E&S management system
  • Reduce their operational and reputational risk
  • Identify and resolve issues before they elevated
  • Develop a partnership with their workers and communities

In addition, our new innovative gaming app, Good Neighbours, provides our clients with a safe environment to practice problem solving around stakeholder engagement enabling businesses the unique opportunity to learn from community members point of view whilst at the same time practice addressing worker or community concerns and complaints.