Corporate Social Responsibility helps you to build an ethical business.

Corporate Social Resposibility (CSR)

includes activities and policies that allow businesses to operate ethically and fairly.

Whether you are a multinational organisation or a young local company, Conyat Create can help you develop the right Corporate Social Responsibility strategy in line with your organisation activities and values.

Corporate Social Responsibility services include:

  • Developing CSR strategies including community investment strategy
  • Monitoring and evalution of CSR programmes
  • Developing policies and procedures associated with CSR
  • Community needs assessment

Corporate-Social Responsibility can help you to build a reputation as a ethical business, reduce your business waste, increase customer loyalty, and improve your ability to attract talent and retain staff.

Employees who work in organisations that have a greater sense of responsibility towards their communities and environment, both ecological and social, have an engagement level that is four times higher than it is for employees who work in a low CSR culture.