Myanmar has been identified as the second most affected country worldwide by climate variability threatening Myanmar’s sustainable development across both the private and public sectors.

As Climate Change enthusiasts, we are motivated to equip our clients with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve their environmental and wider sustainability goals and adapt to climate change.

As weather related disasters increase, humanitarian crises become more prevalent, and expectations on society to adapt grows.

At Conyat Create our expertise and services are focused on the following:

  • Engage with clients and their employees to improve their understanding of climate change
  • Assist clients to consider climate change impacts in their sustainable strategy and reporting
  • Build climate change resilience through our ‘Green Office’ initiative

Green Office is a service that enables clients to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment and promoting sustainable working methods and solutions. By following, sustainable office practices, companies can reduce the cost of wasted office resources, ensure legal compliance and, consequently, help to secure the organization’s reputation for the future.

Green Office related services include:

  • Assessment and analysis of energy use and waste products
  • Preparation of Green Office plan and procedures including optimization of energy and office supplies
  • Implementation of employee behavior survey to measure knowledge, attitude, and practices