We are committed to supporting the growth and success of our partners and their sustainability goals from the ground up.


Hard issues and topics require a vision. Our local expertise helps us shape the conversation of sustainability in Myanmar. We provide our clients with the highest quality of work and an un matched, intimate knowledge of Myanmar’s unique context.



We believe change is ignited through a language and approach that speaks to everybody. Giving communities a voice or a platform brings your vision to life.


Systems Focused

Effective performance comes from building a solid and smart strategy. We value a growth-oriented working system that promotes learning, change and improved strategy for the long-term of our clients powering them with the skills to deliver.



Our creative campaigns are a way to tell stories through grassroots community movements. Utilising multimedia channels help us to shape conversation and inspire involvement.



Conyat Create’s role in shaping sustainability and fostering healthy relationships between businesses, civil society organizations and government is to provide the necessary tools, training and platform to create a stronger and more sustainable future for everyone.

Stakeholder Engagement

We design and facilitate powerful dialogues and collaborations by fostering partnerships to accelerate progress at the pace and scale required. Given our experience in the country and connections within the community our consultants are aware of approach required to build trust, share knowledge, and strengthen impact.

Grievance Mechanisms

We believe that 2-way communication between our clients and their primary stakeholders provides for enhanced relationships, reduced risk, and better management of operational impacts. Whenever organizations execute projects, engaging with affected communities and responding to their concerns is essential to operating successfully whilst ensuring respect for human rights. Grievance mechanisms benefit companies and communities by providing an opportunity for concerns to be identified and resolved before they escalate eventually leading to opportunities for shared value throughout a project’s lifespan.

Sustainability Strategy

We influence at senior level to build and integrate sustainability into core business strategy and operations. Embedding a culture from the bottom up ensuring all levels of employees participate and are on board.

CSR & Shared Value

By understanding the cultural traditions and environment of Myanmar, we help clients to design community investment programs that promote shared value making a positive difference in the communities where they operate.

Reporting & Communications

We understand that every client is at a different phase of their sustainability journey and therefore believe in taking a bottom up approach to clearly understand our client’s priorities and needs. As a result, we provide the support and guidance needed to demonstrate our client’s sustainability performance through a wide range of reporting requirements.

Break Up With Plastic

A Myanmar Campaign

Sustainability stories are most powerful when they are personal, connect to the big picture, and paint a positive picture of the future. The practice of story telling gives us a connection to the past, a tangible human experience to share, and a forum for discussing solutions to tough problems.