Conyat Create was born out of the desire to yield meaningful connections and lasting solutions in Myanmar’s transitional setting.
Our expert team of consultants work hand-in-hand with businesses in an effort to move them along a globally and socially responsible path. With extensive experience in community engagement and consultation, environmental concerns, addressing grievances and corporate social responsibility, Conyat partners to help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their market as well as address the issues and opportunities most relevant to them.

Businesses Achieve Lasting Solutions - Conyat Create


Conyat Create partners to meet the diverse needs of organisations, communities and individuals in search of environmental and social solutions within Myanmar’s unique and ever-changing context.
We work to achieve progress through empowerment by leveraging the roles of women and youth wherever necessary. By building leaders, increasing capacity and fostering healthy partnerships, we aim to create healthy ecosystems and meaningful connections rooted in shared knowledge.


Anastacia Howe Anastacia Howe

Anastacia Howe

Founder & Director

Anastacia’s passion for community engagement and development started when she lived and worked alongside ethnic communities in West Sumatra. With this experience, she has spent the last six years in Myanmar working for the private sector developing and shaping sustainability strategies with a particular focus on sustainable project designs and stakeholder engagement. As a forward thinker, colouring outside of the lines, she firmly believes in the power of utilising innovation to create and influence change agents with women at the centre.

Tomas Derville Tomas Derville

Tomas Derville

Head of Delivery

Tomas brings a diverse skill set to his advocacy for environmental sustainability through his background in science with a chemistry specialisation, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He worked in the field of business development for 6 years in both Europe and Asia prior to joining the Conyat Create Team. His greatest passion is increasing global awareness of climate change issues, and working collaboratively to create innovative sustainable solutions. 

Zarni Aung Zarni Aung

Zarni Aung

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

U Zarni Aung is our master monitoring and evaluation in-house expert. With more than 20 years of experience working within various sectors on M&E activities, he aims to address sustainability and human right issues by developing and setting up grievance mechanism strategies and designs to promote responsible business practices and community development. His experience and dedication make him an invaluable part of our team.

Khin Myat Mon Khin Myat Mon

Khin Myat Mon

Junior Consultant

Coming from civil society background and specializing in environmental awareness raising and advocacy, Khin Myat Mon is passionate about nature conservation and social development. She is a dynamic NMDC graduate who aims to develop solutions for a sustainable future through creative ideas, multi-stakeholder engagement and environmental conservation. In her free time, she can be found taking care of her plants, working on youth development activities in Myanmar or traveling, engaging with the people of the world.

Shwe Mar Shwe Mar

Shwe Mar

Junior Consultant

Shwe Mar believes that Gender Equality is more than a goal in itself; it is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainability development and building good governance. She believes that it is our generation’s responsibility to break some of the boundaries that keep girls behind. Growing up in a society where women are not treated as equally as men, Shwe Mar is committed to creating a better world where women will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men.